Relationship Difficulties

Where Therapy Helps

Relationship struggles and breakdowns can greatly affect self-esteem and happiness. More often than not, these instances impact how an individual moves on from relationships and their ability to trust and enjoy future connections.

We may hold fears of partners leaving. We may hold fears of partners being controlling. We may believe that we need to compete, to prove our worth or just feel that something about us is not good enough.

I have counselled those from many walks of life, ages and cultural backgrounds. It is never too early or too late to look into how to live more closely to being your authentic self.

Many people fall in to the trap of feeling not good enough and for some this is related to their belief of how lovable they believe themselves to be. For some love has felt as something that needs to be achieved, for others love is felt as something that is not to be trusted in or as something that is not available for them.

Our beliefs about how lovable we are determine whom we develop relationships with. Some are drawn to partners who can reconfirm their inner beliefs of how worthy they are of love. Some are drawn to partners who can be neglectful while others are the ones who push partners and intimacy away.

Communication of feelings can feel like a struggle. When feeling disappointed people can withdraw and lose energy for their goals. They can feel as though they have no energy but need to put a mask on for others. Then before they know it, it can feel almost impossible to recognise what they are feeling and express these feelings.

Over time experiencing familiar pain and disappointment can impact one’s self-esteem and confidence in contacting the love they want in life. This can also be the case for following interests, pursuing goals and reaching one’s true potential. After feeling repeated pain and disappointment one can repeat the pattern of familiar feelings or give up on having their needs recognised and met.

Together let us identify any repeating patterns and look for alternative ways of having your needs seen and met. Psychotherapeutic counselling can help you explore the areas you may be struggling with concerning having healthy self-love and giving and receiving love after damaging experiences.

Happiness is not always a given, it can also require work. The work involves really looking at your own patterns and having the courage to explore them and change them. Psychotherapy can help you make the difference from where you are to where you would like yourself to be.

Workplace Difficulties

Personal relationships are not all that can be affected. The workplace can prove to be very difficult and affect some people’s confidence more than others. This can be due to situations which bring up feelings of what has not been resolved in the past including how people feel in team situations, how they respond to colleagues who have critical tones in their communication, how they feel about themselves around certain individuals and where they stand with their confidence in order to assert themselves in a way that benefits them.

Psychotherapy can offer great insight in to workplace dynamics and why they may have a certain impact on individuals. With psychotherapeutic counselling you can understand these dynamics from a viewpoint which can empower you to make the changes you need in order to improve your confidence, your work satisfaction and your energy levels, including going towards promotional roles. With this route you can explore what causes you difficulty and what holds you back.